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Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State


The New York State Department of Health has launched a Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State to support the goals of health care reform. This agenda sets ten statewide public health priorities and asks local health departments, hospitals and other community partners to work together to address them. The emphasis of this public health initiative is on prevention strategies to improve the health of all New Yorkers and foster healthy communities.


Prevent Chronic Diseases

• Reduce Obesity in Children and Adults

• Reduce Illness, Disability and Death Related to Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke Exposure

• Increase Access to High Quality Chronic Disease Preventive Care and Management in Both Clinical and Community Settings


Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment

• Outdoor Air Quality

• Water Quality

• Built Environment

• Injuries, Violence and Occupational Health


Promote Healthy Women, Infants and Children

• Maternal and Infant Health

• Child Health

• Reproductive, Preconception and Inter-Conception Health


Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse

• Promote mental, emotional and behavioral (MEB) well-being in communities

• Prevent Substance Abuse and other Mental Emotional Behavioral Disorders

• Strengthen Infrastructure across Systems


A goal of the Prevention Agenda is to prevent health problems before they occur, or before they worsen. Another goal of the Prevention Agenda is to involve a wide range of organizations and community members in developing community health plans that identify and address problems that affect the health of New Yorkers.


Community Resources

Baseline Data for the Prevention Agenda Tracking Indicators

Prevention Agenda Dashboard – Herkimer County

Technical Assistance and Training Resources for Prevention Agenda


The Prevention Agenda calls on local health departments and hospitals to identify Prevention Agenda priorities and to work with community providers, insurers, community based organizations and others to address them. Statewide program and policy initiatives will complement local efforts.


Through a Community Health Assessment Process, Herkimer County identified the following as its Priority Areas:

• Prevent Chronic Diseases

• Promote Healthy Women, Infants, and Children


Strategies to address these Priority Areas were incorporated into Herkimer County Public Health’s Community Health Assessment and local hospitals’ Municipal Service Plans.


Community Health Assessments

Herkimer County

Oneida County


Community Service Plans

Bassett Health Care Network
Faxton-Saint Luke’s
Little Falls Hospital
Saint Elizabeth Medical Center


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