HealthNet Goals

Goals and Assistance

To address the top, locally identified, priority areas of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH); Access to Quality Health Care, Chronic Disease, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, Healthy Children, and Physical Activity & Nutrition.

To support the provision of comprehensive primary health care service, to include both institutional and non-institutional services for long term care, inpatient services, and emergency services.

To complete a community health assessment, by partnering locally and regionally, which identifies local health care needs, and to develop appropriate strategies for meeting the needs of residents of Herkimer County.

To promote and facilitate communication and collaboration among health care providers and related organizations as a means to improve service delivery and reduce fragmentation.

To promote, sponsor and foster programs, activities and services that improve the health and well being of those who live, work, play and learn in Herkimer County.

To carry out educational and teaching activities related to the promotion of health.

To serve as a Rural Health Network as defined by the NYSDOH and its Rural Health Council and to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of such Networks as may be required by regulations and guidelines.

To improve health outcomes through coordinated services, shared resources, and education of consumers and providers.

To work closely with health and human services agencies to improve access to care, particularly for the underserved populations.

To assist agencies and organizations in developing and implementing a rural health care delivery system.

To seek and solicit public and private funding and contributions in order to establish and support the Mission of HCHN.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of services.



About HealthNet

The HCHN has been in existence since 1990. Its membership has continuously expanded and has served as an effective forum for Herkimer County providers to identify, discuss, and resolve health and social service issues and concerns. As a direct result of grants by the New York State Department of Health: Office of Rural Health, the Network significantly increased levels of coordination and collaboration among health and social service providers.

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