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Herkimer County HealthNet & Cornell Cooperative Extension
Produce 2nd Edition of the Local Foods Map


July 25, 2012

HERKIMER – As part of a campaign to create healthy places to live, work, and play in Herkimer County, Herkimer County HealthNet and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County have designed and printed the 2nd edition of the Herkimer County Local Foods Map. Made possible by funds from the New York State Department of Health for the Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play initiative, the Herkimer County Local Foods Map lists foods that are produced and available for sale in Herkimer County by local producers.


The Herkimer County Local Foods map lists 63 farmers, contact information, foods produced, and locations in Herkimer County along with 9 Farmers Markets. Maps are being distributed to local businesses and organizations throughout Herkimer County and the Mohawk Valley.


Herkimer County HealthNet, Inc., along with other agencies in NY State administers the Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, & Play grant to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes by increasing physical activity and increasing healthy eating. Herkimer County HealthNet has partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County in an effort to promote healthy eating and increasing the use of farmers’ markets.


For more information or to pick up maps while they last, please call Herkimer County HealthNet at (315) 867-1499 or Cornell Cooperative Extension (315) 866-7920. To view the online version of this map, please visit


Herkimer County HealthNet’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of individuals who live, work, play, and learn in Herkimer County.




Karen Huxtable-Hooker, Public & Media Relations Director
Bassett Healthcare Network
Phone: 607-547-4581

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